Solar Power Inverter

SNADI NKG Three-phase Inverter With Built-in Charge Controller

SNADI's three-phase hybrid inverter is a top-quality and dependable option for commercial solar energy systems.   Our hybrid inverter offers advanced MPPT technology and designed with robust materials and an easy-to-use interface, making it an excellent choice for any large-scale solar energy project.


●Visualization of operation status of the equipment through simple LEDs and a LCD
●Settable battery protection parameters, and a function of password protection
●Excellent performance because of the DSP intelligent control inversion technology
Customized production that meets your needs




SNADI's high frequency MPPT hybrid solar inverter is a powerful and efficient solution for residential and commercial solar energy systems. Hybrid solar inverter is the perfect choice for reliable and sustainable energy solutions.



◆Advanced operation mode Frequency tracking, phase-locking voltage stabilization, noise filtering and prevention of impact by fluctuation of the power grid realized in output of the inverterThe best power supply guarantee for the loading equipment of users contributed by a full digital vector control technology based on real-time processing byDSP, MCU and DDC
◆Efficient IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) inversion technology Good high-speed switching feature, large-voltage and large-current operating characteristics, and voltage drive of IGBT (The fifth-generation IGBT has a lower saturation voltage drop and higher operation efficiency and reliability.)
◆High adaptability A wide range of input frequency (45Hz~65Hz), which realizes stable operation of fuel generators
◆Great loading capacity Suitability for industrial applications such as machine tools and wire cutters



TP Three-phase IGBT Low Frequency Inverter
Product Specifications
ModekTP- TP-10KW TP-20KW TP-30KW TP-50KW TP-60KW TP-80KW TP-100KW TP-150KW TP-200KW
Rated Power 10KW 20KW 30KW 50KW 60KW 80KW 100KW 150KW 200KW
working methods and principles PWM (pulse width modulation) based on DSP accurate control technology and double built-in MCUs Complete isolation of the outout power supply
AC Input Phase Three phase N + G
Voltage AC220V/AC380V±20%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz+5%
DC Input DC voltage DC192V/DC220V/DC240V/DC384V DC384V
Floating battery 13.6V of each battery x battery quantity [13.6Vx 1 6 batteries = 21 7.6V]
Cut-off voltage 10.8V of each battery x battery quantity [10.8Vx 1 6 batteries =1 72.8V]
AC Output Phase Three phase N + G
Voltage AC220V/AC380V ± 1% (steady load)
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz+5%(mains) 50Hz+0.5% (battery)
Efficiency ≥90% (Load 100%)
Output wave form Sine wave
Total harmonic distortion Linear load<3%. Non-linear loads<5%
Dynamic load voltage <±5% (From 0 to 100%)
Instant recovery time < 100ms
Battery and mains switching 3S-5S <1ms
Unbalanced voltage <±3% <±1% (Unbalanced load voltage)
Overload 120%, 20s; > 150%, 100ms 125%,20s;>150%,1s
System Specifications Working efficiency >90% (load: 100%)
Computer communication RS232/485 (SNMP Remote Monitoring Network Adapters)
Operating temperature -10-40°C
Relative humidity (no condensation) 0.90% (no condensation)
Noise from the machine 1M 40-50dB 50-60dB
Structure Dimensions: DxWxH(mm) 580*750*920 608*728*1475 1138*795*1725 1138*945*1725
Weight (Kg) 180 220 300 470 620 680 730 954 980

charge controller inverter


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