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Dear friend, this is Foshan SNADI CO.,LTD.We are the manufacture and trading company of the solar products,including solar inverter,solar controller,solar battery,solar power system etc.We have our own factory and engineers,you can get the OEM/ODM service from us,and you can buy the high quality products with a bottom price from us ,and you are welcome to visit our company.

Technical indexes of the solar battery

Model 24AH 38AH 65AH 100AH 120AH 150AH 200AH
External dimensions(L*W*H) 165*126*126 198*166*170 350*166*179 329*172*214 406*173*208 483*170*239 522*239*218
Net weight(kg) 8.5KG 12.5KG 20.5KG 31KG 36KG 49KG 62KG
Package/material carton package (solar battery)
Voltage 12V
Intertnal resistance of battery After the battery is fully charged(25 ℃) ≤ 10mΩ
Battery capacity at different temperature 60℃ 104%
25℃ 100%
0℃ 95%
-50℃ 86%
Rated capacity(Ah) at different hours 10hr 100%C10
30hr 110%C10
Storage capacity of battery One month (25℃) 95%
Three months(25℃) 90%
Six months(25℃) 88%
Maximum charge current 02.5 C10 (A)
Charge voltage limit Voltage of equalizing charge    14.4V/12V-25mV/C
    Voltage of floating charge          13.5V/12V-20mV/C
                                            solar gel battery

solar batterysolar batterysolar battery

Active polymer gel solar battery are special supporting products for solar power systems,wind power generation,UPS,inverters,EPS,street lamps,etc.

Our advantage

A.More than 10 years technical experience and advanced equipment

Our products are selling to all over the world, such as North America, south America,Eastern Europe, Southest Asia ,Africa and Mid-East,etc…
B.Quality Certification
80% electronic components are imported,to make sure the products with high quality and reliable excellent performance.
All of our products have CE certification, ISO9001:2008.
OEM & ODM are available which can meet your any request with our professional engineering team.
D. Quality Service
Any inquiry replied within 12 hours
Any problem resolved within 24 hours
With 12 months warranty
E. As a leading manufacturer,the price of our products is competitive.

We have more than 15 years experience of manufacturing solar products,including solar battery,solar inverter,solar controller,solar power system,solar combiner box,etc.


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