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off grid solar inverter power supply pure sine wave inverter

Product Specification:

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1.5Kw off Grid solar inverter,with dual MCU design,PV charge controller and  inverter integrated optimization solutions.We are the manufacture of solar power products more than 15 years experience.You can get a high quality products with a bottom pricefrom us. We have our own factory and engineers, you can get a OEM service form us.Our minimum Order is 1 set,and we accept sample orders.Welcom to visit our company.

Technical indexes of off grid solar inverter

Input of the photovoltaic module <25V;*2/24V;*4/48V
No-load loss <30mA
Battery capacity Default:400AH(settable between 100AH to 9000AH)
Voltage drop of the charge circuit ≤0.26V
Voltage drop of the discharge circuit ≤0.15V
Overvoltage protection 17V; *2/24V;*4/48V
Charge program 2P
Voltage of boosting charge 14.7V;*2/24V;*4/48V
Voltage of direct charge 14.2V;*2/24V;*4/48V
Voltage of floating charge 13.8V;*2/24V;-*4/48V
Over-discharge recovery voltage 12.7V;*2/24V;*4/48V
Over-discharge voltage 11.1V;*2/24V;*4/48V
Charge mode MPPT/PWM
Overload protection and short circuit protection Overload protection upon 1.25 times of the rated current for 60s or 1.5 times of the rated current for 5s; short circuit protection upon three or more times of the rated current
Operating temperature Industrial level:-35°C~ +55°C
Ambient temperature for operation 0-40°C
Ambient temperature for storage -15- +50°C
Operation/storage conditions 0-90°C(no condensation)

Pictures of off grid solar inverter

off grid solar inverter

off grid solar inverter

off grid solar inverter

                  off grid solar inverter

Mains features of off grid solar inverter

1.Excellent performance because of an MCU intelligent control technology
2.A wide range of applicable loads because of power-frequency transformer  design and pure sine wave AC output
3.A wide range, high accuracy and full automatic voltage stabilization
4.Overall protection functions (overload protection, short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, under voltage protection and over temperature protection)
5.Simple LEDs and a LCD for visualization of operation status of the equipment.

1.5Kw off grid solar inverter pure sine wave output,is suitable for the solar energy supply system,such as  family,school,street light,industry,ship and so on,it’s convenient and economic and environmental.

High Performance Solar Energy Off-grid 1.5KW Home Power System is an integrated intelligent inverter with built-in charge controller system designed for large photovoltaic power.Based on double MCU intelligent control technology,it provide customers with the best experience.

It applies to different types of loads because of its pure sine wave output.Its mains supply preferred mode,saving mode and battery preferred mode are all settable,thus making it easy to meet the different application needs of users.It has intelligent optimization SOC control and independent three-stage photovoltaic charge management for battery to improve charge efficiency.LCD display realize the visualization of operation status of equipment.It is widely applied to large solar power generation occasions including families,schools,streets,frontier defense,pasturing areas,industrial and mining enterprises,Satellite communications equipment,etc

Our advantage

A. More than 10 years technical experience and advanced equipment

Our products are selling to all over the world, such as North America, south America,Eastern Europe, Southest Asia ,Africa and Mid-East,etc…
B. Quality Certification
80% electronic components are imported,to make sure the products with high quality and reliable excellent performance.
All of our products have CE certification, ISO9001:2008.
OEM & ODM are available which can meet your any request with our professional engineering team.
D. Quality Service
Any inquiry replied within 12 hours
Any problem resolved within 24 hours
With 12 months warranty
E. As a leading manufacturer,the price of our products is competitive.

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Mobile: +86 18377709620
Website: http://snadi.en.alibaba.com
Add:Xiadong economic development zone,Pingzhou,Nanhai district,Foshan city,Guangdong, China.

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