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What are the benefits of choosing an off grid inverter?

882 Published by admin 6月 01,2020

The on grid inverter sends energy directly to the power grid, so tracking the frequency and phase of the grid is equivalent to a current source. The off grid inverter is equivalent to building an independent small power grid, mainly to control its own voltage, which is a voltage source. On grid inverters do not require energy storage, but the energy cannot be regulated. As many photovoltaics as possible are sent to the Internet, regardless of whether others want it or not, and the grid does not like it. Off grid inverter systems generally require energy storage and do not send energy to the network, and the grid has no right to interfere.

off grid inverter

The off grid inverter can work independently after leaving the power grid, which is equivalent to an independent small power grid, which mainly controls its own voltage, which is a voltage source. It can carry loads such as resistance, capacitance and motor inductance, fast strain and anti-interference, strong adaptability and practicality. It is the first choice power supply product for power failure emergency power supply and outdoor power supply.

The photovoltaic off grid inverter is suitable for power systems, communication systems, railway systems, shipping, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, outdoor and other places. It can be connected to the city power to recharge the battery. It can be set as a wind power priority city power reserve or city power. Preferential wind power reserve.


Generally, the off grid inverter needs to be connected to the battery, because the photovoltaic power generation is unstable and the load is unstable. The battery is needed to balance the energy. When the photovoltaic power generation is greater than the load, the excess energy charges the battery. When the photovoltaic power generation is less than the load, Insufficient energy is provided by the battery.

The solar pump inverter is a special off grid inverter. It does not need to be connected to the battery. It directly obtains DC power from the solar panel and converts it into AC power for the pump to pump water. According to the intensity of sunlight, adjust the real-time nature of the output frequency to obtain maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and maximize the use of solar energy. Easy to operate, widely used in water diversion projects in non-electric areas, agricultural irrigation, landscape irrigation.

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