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What is a pv combiner box? What is the basic structure of the pv combiner box?

35 Published by admin 4月 02,2020

I. Overview of pv combiner box

Combined boxes are also used in solar pv power generation systems, also known as solar pv combiner boxes, solar pv combiner boxes, pv array lightning protection combiner boxes, solar power combiner boxes, pv power combiner boxes, pv lightning combiner boxes, solar lightning protection Device, solar pv lightning protection device, pv lightning protection device, pv distribution cabinet are all the titles. Tree Bird Education Electrical Designer Online Teaching Network Course!

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pv combiner box is a wiring device in pv power generation system to ensure the orderly connection of pv modules and the confluence function. It means that users can connect a certain number of pv cells with the same specifications in series to form a pv string, and then connect several The pv series is connected in parallel to the pv combiner box. After the pv combiner is combined, the controller, DC distribution cabinet, pv inverter, and AC distribution cabinet are used together to form a complete pv power generation system. Power grid connection.

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In order to improve the reliability and practicability of the system, a pv special lightning protection module, a DC fuse and a circuit breaker are arranged in the pv lightning protection combiner box, so that users can accurately and timely grasp the working conditions of pv cells and ensure solar pv power generation. The system works best.

2.Technical parameters

(1) Maximum input voltage of battery series: 800V

(2) Battery tandem input current: 10A

(3) Number of input circuits: configured as required

(4) Fuse rated current: 11A

(5) Maximum output current: 40A

(6) Protection: ip65

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