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How to maintain the solar system photovoltaic power station?

1,292 Published by admin 6月 10,2020

For each photovoltaic power station, a comprehensive and complete technical document file should be established, and a special person should be set up to manage the technical documents of the photovoltaic power station to provide strong technical basic data support for the safe and reliable operation of the photovoltaic power station.

1. Establish technical file and design and construction drawing file of photovoltaic power station equipment
This is the basic technical file information of the power station, which mainly includes: design and construction, completion drawings; acceptance documents; basic working principles, technical parameters, equipment installation procedures, equipment debugging steps of all equipment; all operation switches, knobs, handles and status and Explanation of signal indication; operation steps of equipment operation; maintenance items and contents of photovoltaic power station; maintenance schedule and operation procedures of all maintenance items; power plant troubleshooting guide, including detailed inspection and repair steps, etc.

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2. Establish information management system of photovoltaic power station
Use the computer management system to establish power station information data, and establish a database for each power station. The database content includes two aspects. One is the basic information of the power station, mainly including: meteorological and geographic data; traffic information; relevant information about the location of the power station (such as population, households) Number, public facilities, traffic conditions, etc.); power station related information (such as power station construction scale, basic equipment parameters, construction time, power-on time, design and construction units, etc.). The second is the dynamic information of the power station, mainly including: (1) power supply information of the power station: users, power supply time, load conditions, cumulative power generation, etc.; (2) faults and treatment methods that occur during the operation of the power station: Detailed description and statistics of the faults that occur during operation and how to deal with them.

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3. Establish the operation period file of photovoltaic power station
  This work is one of the important basis for analyzing the operation status of the power station and formulating the maintenance plan. Daily maintenance work is mainly to measure and record the operating parameters of the system at different times every day. The main measurement records include: date, recording time; weather conditions; ambient temperature; battery room temperature; sub-array current and voltage; battery charging current and voltage ; Battery discharge current and voltage; Inverter DC input current and voltage; AC distribution cabinet output current, voltage and power consumption; Recorder, etc. When the power plant fails, the photovoltaic power plant operator should record the fault phenomenon in detail and assist the maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance work. After the fault is eliminated, the power plant fault maintenance record form should be filled in carefully. The main records include: the name of the equipment that failed, the fault Phenomenon description, fault occurrence time, fault treatment method, parts replacement record, maintenance personnel and maintenance time, etc. The inspection work of the power station should be carried out regularly by professional and technical personnel. During the inspection, the operation and current status of the equipment of the power station should be fully checked, and the relevant parameters should be measured. And carefully check the daily maintenance and monthly maintenance records of the power station operators, analyze the recorded data, and promptly guide the operators to perform the necessary maintenance work on the power station. At the same time, the problems found in the inspection work should be integrated, and the operation status of the power station during this maintenance should be analyzed and evaluated, and finally a detailed summary report should be made on the inspection work of the power station.

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4. Establish operation analysis system
  According to the archives of the power station during operation, organize relevant departments and technical personnel to analyze the operation status of the power station, find out the existing problems in time, and propose practical solutions. By establishing an operation analysis system, one is conducive to improving the technical ability of technical personnel, and the other is conducive to improving the reliable operation level of power stations.

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