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You need such a solar sine wave inverter in your home

21 Published by admin 5月 20,2020

Inverters are a device that supplies electricity to an electrical appliance in the event of a power failure. The solar sine wave inverter first converts an AC to a DC to charge a battery, and then converts the DC to an AC to power an electric device.There are various types of inverters on the market, the most efficient of which is the snadi solar sine wave inverter, which generates alternating current similar to a home waveform power supply.

solar sine wave inverter1
Square-wave and quasi-sinusoidal inverters are usually low-cost types, but are less efficient than pure sinusoidal inverters because some appliances do not work properly in these inverters.solar sine wave inverters are now popular to save energy, but because they require very large solar panels, they will be expensive.
The basic part of a power inverter is a dc-ac converter.When electricity is available, the charger circuit will charge the battery and the solar sine wave inverter will be partially in standby mode.The inverter is mainly composed of an oscillator and an inverter transformer.The oscillator circuit produces a waveform of about 50Hz that is superimposed on the AC generated by the inverter transformer.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter 2000 Watts
The DC voltage from the battery is first converted to a low-voltage AC through a dc-ac converter.The low-voltage ac is then converted to 230v ac via a booster transformer.The efficiency of a power inverter depends on the function of the oscillator and the boost transformer, as the frequency and voltage in the output depend on these parts of the inverter.A simple home inverter circuit diagram using transistors is shown below.
The main component of the inverter system is the battery, which provides the inverter with direct current.The standby time of a solar sine wave inverter depends on the capacity of the battery.The inverter has a rating of VA (voltammetry).500 VA, 800 VA, 1000 VA and so on are common household inverters.The battery capacity is expressed in Ah (ampere-hour).The battery can deliver an hour’s current in amperes.For example, a 100 Ah battery can deliver 100 amperes of current to a load in an hour.

solar sine wave inverter
solar sine wave inverters use maintenance-free batteries because they require little attention.Maintenance-free inverter batteries are manufactured using flat panel collectors and do not require water injection.Tubular batteries are more efficient than flat ones, and they use polyester tubes filled with lead oxide instead of flat sheets.Therefore, in tubular batteries, the degradation of the battery due to plate corrosion is almost zero.Therefore, if properly maintained, their service life is usually 5-6 years.

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