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What solar combiner is suitable for your solar system?

1,371 Published by admin 7月 11,2018

What  solar combiner is suitable for your solar system?

Solar combiner is a device that collect current from many strings of the pv solar panels and output in one or two strings, which mainly used in a large solar system, such as commercial electricity.

solar combiner

Solar combiner box from SNADI brand is suitable for your solar system.

With overall protection such as counterattack prevention,overcurrent protection,overvoltage protection and lighting prevention, solar combiner is used to reduce the connecting wires between a PV module and an inverter or controller, make maintenance easy,reduce the loss and improve product safety and reliability.

The solar combiner produced by SNAT Ltd. has all the functions above and provides users with a complete solution for PV power generation systems.

solar combiner

What features does SNADI solar combiner have?

♥Two groups of independent PV array input and output for flexible appliance in different connection schemes;

♥ Multiple PV  input arrays each of which has a maximum current of 10 A;

♥ A high voltage fuse provided for the counterattack prevention of each PV input array;

♥ A special high-voltage lighting protection device for the PV module;

♥ A special high-voltage circuit breaker for output control of the PV module;

♥ Adegree of the protection of IP65  for the meeting of need of outdoor installation.

solar combiner


SNAT  Ltd. has more than 15 years on producing solar products, Its main products are inverter, controller and combiner box, its characteristic products are portable solar power system and solar kits. SNAT Ltd. is the reliability solar manufacturer  for your choice,  which accept OEM & ODM. You can get customized design of any products from SNAT Ltd.


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