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single phase inverter 8kw 220VDC hybrid solar inverter

Product Specification:

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8Kw 220VDC single phase inverter with built-in charge controller,is designed for large photovoltaic power.Its built-in 

controller can realize charge management for a battery pack

by multiple solar arrays to improve charge efficiencyand life of the battery pack.

Technical indexes of single phase inverter

Model NKD-8KW
Rated power 8KW
Battery Rated voltage 192V/220V/384V DC
Voltage of overdischarge protection 172V/194V/345V DC
Controller Rated current 100A
Rated voltage 192V/220V/384V DC
Number of charge accesses 4
Maximum current of each access 25A
Solar input voltage <330VDC/<378VDC/<660VDC
Voltage of overcharge protection 222V/255V/445V DC(programmable)
Control accuracy +-0.1
Display accuracy +-.01
Efficiency >95%
Inverter Input voltage 88-132VAC/176-264VAC
Input frequency 45-65Hz
Output voltage 110VAC/220VAC
Output frequency 50/60Hz
Output waveform Pure sine wave,THD<4%(full load)
Protection function Output short circuit protection,overvoltage protection,undervoltage protection,low battery protection,etc.
Manual power-on/off Manual power-on/off preferred
Automatic power on/off Light-operated power-on+fixed-time power-off(programmable)
Other Ambient temperature for operatioon 0-40℃
Relative humidity for operation/storage 20-90%(no condensation,maximum)
External dimentions DxWxH(mm) 536*560*1015
Packing dimentions DxWxH(mm) 675*700*1180

Pictures of single phase inverter

single phase inverter

single phase inverter

single phase inverter

single phase inverter

single phase inverter

Main features of single phase inverter

1.High reliability

2.High adaptability

3.High optimal performance of the battery

4.Overall and reliable protection

5.Efficient IGBT inversion technology


Q1: What is the warranty of your product?

A1: Quality warranty for 12 months; parts will be shipped free during warranty period.


Q2: Can you do OEM?

A2: Yes, we can offer the OEM service.


Q3: What is your delivery time?

A3: Within 5 day after receive advanced payment.


Q4: What minimum order do you require?

A4: 1 piece.


Q5: Why choose us?

A5: 1) Prompt delivery and good after-sale services.

2) We have our own factory, the selling prices is competitive.

3) All of our products have CE certification, ISO9001:2008, RoHS.

4) 80% new materials for production and superior quality.

5) Professional engineer designers.

single phase inverter

 Production overview
The product is an integrated itellient inverter with
built-in charge controller system designed for large photovoltaic power.Its built-in controller can realize charge management for a battery pack by multiple solar arrays to improve charge efficiency and life of the battery pack.Thanks to its full digital vector control technology based on real-time processing by DSP,MCU and
DDC,it has perfect protection functions and high reliability
Its mains supply preferred mode,and battery preferred modeare all settable,thus making it easy to meet the different
application needs of users.It has an LCD.It is widely
applied to large solar power generation occasions
including families,schools,public lighting,industrial and
 mining enterprises,frontier defense,sea islands,pasturing areas,etc.

Main features

1.High reliability

      Frequency tracking noise filtering and low distortion in inverter output because of

double-conversion design.
2.High adaptability
A wide range of input frequency which realizes stable operation of fuel generator.
3.High optimal performance of the battery
An intelligent battery management technology, which guarantees a longer battery life

and decreases the times of battery maintenance.
An advanced constant-voltage charge technology, which activates the battery to the most

extent saves the charge time and guarantees a longer battery life.
4.Overall and reliable protection
A power-on test function, which can avoid the faults because of hazards of the inverter
5.Efficient iGBT (insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) Inversion technology
Good high-speed switching feature. large-voltage and large-current operating characteristics.

and voltage drive of IGBT (The fifth-generation IGBT has a lower saturation voltage drop and higher

operation efficiency and reliability).

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