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Pure Sine Wave Portable Solar Energy System For Home

Brand: The solar power system has built-in inverters, controllers, batteries and optional wheels. Easy to install and carry.

Product Specification:

  • Input Solar Voltage:12VDC / 24VDC
  • Output AC Voltage:110VAC / 220VAC
  • Output waveform:pure sine wave
  • Output DC Voltage:12VDC & 5VDC
  • Battery:built-in
  • Controller:built-in
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Pure Sine Wave Portable Solar Energy System For Home


  • Excellent performance because of an MCU intelligent control technology
  • A wide range of pure sine wave solar power system  applicable loads because of pure sine wave AC output
  • convenient and practical 5V DC-USB output port Portable Solar Panel Portable Solar System and 12V DC output port
  • Solar array and battery common-anode system input
  • Charge by mains supply for flexible Pure Sine Wave Solar System Home configuration (optional function)
  • Overcharge protection and over-discharge protection for a longer battery lifespan
  • Digital meter and LEDs for visualization of operation status of the equipment
  • Overall automatic protection and alarms including AC output overload protection, short circuit protection
  • SNAT has powerful strength and is engaged in field of solar inverters, solar inverters with built-in solar controller, solar controllers, UPS, Pure Sine Wave Solar System Home             which are used for household, telecommunication, electricity, infrastructure and industrial markets Solar Lighting System.

Portable Solar Energy System Parameter Configuration

Battery rated voltage(VDC)
Rated power(W)
Input voltage range(VAC)
Input frequency(Hz)
Output voltage(VAC)
Output frequency(Hz)
Output wave
Sine Wave
Speficifation of built-in battery
25.6VDC 100AH
Solar input
Max. PV voltage(VDC)
Range of charging voltage(VDC)
Rated charge current(A)
Voltage for overcharge protection(VDC)
Voltage for floating charge(VDC)
DC output
Voltage for high voltage protection(VDC)
High voltage recovery voltage(VDC)
Low voltage  recovery voltage(VDC)
Low voltage protecton voltage(VDC)
5VDC USB output
2 units /MAX 2A
12VDC output ports
2 units /MAX 2A
Heat dissipation/Cooling
     Temperature control by intelligent exhaust fan     
Operating ambient temperature
-20 - +50℃
Storage ambient temperature
-25 - +55℃
Operating/Storage ambient
0-90% No condensation
External size:W*D*H(mm)
Package size:W*D*H(mm)



pure sine wave power inverterpure sine wave solar power inverter 3000w

pure sine wave inverterpure sine wave power inverter

Pure Sine Wave Solar System Home 300W 12V

pure sine wave power system

  • Solar system home applies to diversified loads because its digital design, pure sine wave output and excellent over-current protection can withstand the loads with a large starting current
  • The solar system home is provided with independent solar three-stage charge management to improve charge efficiency of its battery and realize a longer lifespan
  • The solar system home provides universal 5V DC-USB output port and 12V DC output to be widely applied to small solar power generation occasions including families, schools, street monitoring, forest monitoring, industrial and mining enterprises, frontier defense sea islands, pasturing areas

Pure Sine Wave Solar System Home 300W 12V

A. More than 10 years technical experience and advanced equipment
Our products are selling to all over the world, such as North America, south America,Eastern Europe, Southest Asia ,Africa and Mid-East,etc…
B. Quality Certification
80% electronic components are imported,to make sure the products with high quality and reliable excellent performance.
All of our products have CE certification, ISO9001:2008.
OEM & ODM are available which can meet your any request with our professional engineering team.
D. Quality Service
Any inquiry replied within 12 hours
Any problem resolved within 24 hours
With 12 months warranty
E. As a leading manufacturer,the price of our products is competitive.

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