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6 kw solar inverter for solar system

6 kw Inverter

Product Specification:

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Model:TM- 6kw
Rated power 6kw
DC voltage 48vdc/96vdc/192vdc
Input voltage Three-phase four-wire system, ground wire 380V ±20%
Input frequency 45-65Hz
Output voltage 220V AC ±5% (three- phase four- wire system)
Output frequency 50Hz ±1%
Switching time Switching from the main supply mode to the battery mode: 50ms Switching from the battery mode to the mains supply mode: 25ms
Charge current Max 8A
Inverter output protection 100-120%, 30s; >120%, 100ms
Noise <45dB
Ambient temperature for operation 0 to 40°C
Ambient temperature for storage -15°C to +15°C
Relative humidity for operation/storage 0-90% (no condensation)
Altitude for operation 0-3000m
Altitude fr storage 0-15000m
Product dimension(mm) 590*470*730
Packing dimension(mm) 690*570*850
Net weight/Gross weight(kg) 106/120

6 kw solar inverter for solar system



6 kw solar inverter solar system

You can order this 6 kw solar inverter for your home use solar system.

You can get pure sine wave output current ,this 6 kw solar inverter is very suitable in a home use solar  system .

You can get highly stable output voltage and frequency continuously for a long time from this off grid solar inverter.

This is a  6 kw solar inverter , it can avoid the disadvantage of direct use of the mains supply, such as interruption of power supply, voltage instability, noise, and the lightning attacks, and the disadvantage of the short power supply time guaranteeing continuous and reliable operation for electrical equipment, it’s the ideal solar inverter for home use solar system.

This 6 kw solar inverter is now widely used in China telecom, China mobile, china Unicom, aerospace railways financial management, office automation industrial automatic control, medical health, military scientific research. It’s the most reliable solar inverter for home use solar power system from Chinese supplier.

*Our company is specializing in solar products for more than 10 years,
*Our factory is located in Foshan City ,Guangdong province,China.
*Our main products include inverter, Uninterruptible power supply, solar controller,  battery, and so on.
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6 kw Inverter
6 kw solar inverter solar system

TM three phase solar inverter

This solar inverter is suitable for home use solar system and small industrial use from Chinese supplier.
Main Features

►Excellent performance because of an MCU intelligent control technology

►A wide range of applicable loads because of power-frequency transformer design and pure sine wave AC output

►A wide range, high accuracy and full automatic voltage stabilization

►Overall protection functions (overload protection, short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, under voltage protection and over temperature protection)

►Simple LEDs and a LCD for visualization of operation status of the equipment

6 kw Inverter

6 kw solar inverter solar system


Q1 What is the warranty of your product?  

A:Quality warranty for 12 months; parts will be shipped free during warranty period.

Q2 How long is the delivery time? 

A:Stick to contract.

Q3 How long is your lead time?

A:5~10 days

Q4 What minimum order do you require?  

A:1 piece

Q5 Why choose us?

1)Prompt delivery and good after-sale services.

2)We have our own factory,the selling prices is competitive.

3)All of our products have CE certification,ISO9001:2008,RoHS.

4)100% new materials for production and superior quality.

5)professional engineer designers.


Remark: Concurrently engaged in relative solar power system products such as solar panel, gel battery, sealed lead acid battery, Combiner box, etc All products purchased by our company will be efficient, the best quality and satisfied after-sale service!

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