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3 step understand off-grid solar photovoltaic power generation system

12 Published by admin 5月 15,2020

System structure
Off-grid solar photovoltaic power generation system mainly consists of five parts: solar panel, battery, solar controller, converter and monitoring system.FIG. .The functions and functions of each part are:
1, photovoltaic panel: it is the core of photovoltaic power generation, its role is the direct conversion of solar radiation into dc energy to supply the load or stored in the battery.
2, photovoltaic controller: because the general single-crystal silicon or polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panel output is a current source type, can not be directly output to the load and battery, it needs to be converted into a stable voltage or current acceptable to the battery through the photovoltaic controller, to realize the effective charging of the battery or supply external load.The photovoltaic controller can also realize the overcharge and overdischarge protection of the battery.
3. Inverter;If the output is required to be dc, this part can be used to convert the battery voltage into different dc voltages to accommodate different load devices.If the output is ac, it can be converted into ac 220V(single-phase), 380V (three-phase) through dc. For household use, this part is generally purchased as an ac inverter.
4. Monitoring system: the main function of this part is to monitor the working parameters and working status of each part, and provide man-machine operation interface at the same time.

Off-grid solar photovoltaic power generation system

System functions and features
1. It can realize the automatic management of the constant voltage and constant current charging and charging process of the battery;
2. It has the solar energy maximum power point tracking and control function (MPPT), giving full play to the maximum effect of photovoltaic cells;3, inverter ac output waveform sine degree is good, output voltage stability, strong anti-disturbance capability;
4, protection function is perfect, with battery overcharge, overdischarge, output overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and other protection;
5. It has the backup function of ac grid power supply. When there is no solar light for several days and the storage energy of the battery cannot meet the output power supply, the system can be automatically switched to ac power supply.
6. Friendly man-machine interface and perfect monitoring function. The system adopts large-size touch LCD screen, which is easy to control and intuitive to display.

Off grid solar power systems

System adaptation
1. Household power supply: it is especially suitable for independent living families, such as urban villas and rural families.To city dweller village, the household that lives in penthouse or privately owned balcony is bigger the family is more appropriate also;
2. School power supply: it is especially suitable for primary and middle schools and kindergartens.
3. Hospital power supply: it can be integrated with the emergency power supply system of the hospital, which can effectively improve the reliability and economy of the emergency power supply of the hospital;
4, urban community public power supply: can be installed in the public part of the urban community, access to the community’s public electricity room, as a community public electricity use;
3. Power supply in office buildings of government departments, enterprises and public institutions: it is centrally installed on the top floor of office buildings and connected to low-voltage distribution cabinet of the building as public electricity.

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