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Inverter manufacturers: explain the working principle of communication inverter

469 Published by admin 6月 06,2020

The communication inverter is a device that converts 220V power frequency alternating current into a regulated output DC voltage, which needs to be completed through four steps of voltage transformation, rectification, filtering and voltage stabilization. Each link has its role, the inverter manufacturers are introduced in detail below:
1. Rectifier filter circuit: The rectifier circuit converts the AC voltage UI into a pulsating DC voltage, and then filters out the larger ripple component through the filter circuit, and outputs a DC voltage with a smaller ripple. The common rectifier filter circuit for UI has full-wave rectification Filter, bridge rectifier filter, etc.

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2. Power transformer: step-down transformer, transform the 220V AC voltage of the power grid into an AC voltage that meets the needs, and send it to the rectifier circuit.
3. Voltage stabilizing circuit: The function of the voltage stabilizing circuit is to stabilize the output DC voltage, and it does not change with the change of the AC grid voltage and load. Commonly used integrated voltage regulators include fixed three-terminal regulator and adjustable three-terminal regulator.

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4. Filter circuit: Most of the AC components in the output voltage of the rectifier circuit can be filtered to obtain a relatively smooth DC voltage. Each filter capacitor C satisfies RL-C=3~5T/2 or middle T is the input AC signal Period, RL is the equivalent load resistance of the rectifier filter circuit.

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