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How to choose off grid inverters reasonably?

30 Published by admin 4月 02,2020

Many people will ask when consulting: I build a photovoltaic power generation system, off-grid inverter, how to choose the right inverter?

Of course, the brand is important, and well-known companies can find it online, such as snadisolar. The principle used is the same whether it is a famous brand or other brands. In addition to the brand, place of origin, principle, and materials, we choose the appropriate, cost-effective inverter, what exactly should we look at?

off grid inverter system

As an inverter manufacturer who has done technical development and product application for many years, I have compiled some experiences for everyone today, hoping to be helpful to friends.

(1) Several basic technical indicators should meet:

1. Inverter efficiency: minimum 90%.

2. Waveform distortion: <5.0%.

3, overload protection: greater than 110% of rated current for 1 minute; greater than 150% of rated current for 20S; greater than 180% of rated current for 5 seconds; greater than 200% of rated current for 0S.

off grid inverter

4, the use environment is generally: temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, humidity: <95% non-condensing.

2. Reliability and performance must meet:

1. Unique dynamic current loop control technology ensures reliable operation of the inverter.

2. Strong load adaptability, including capacitive, inductive and mixed loads.

3. Strong overload and impact resistance.

4. It has perfect protection functions such as input over, under voltage, output over, under voltage, over temperature and overload.

5. It is best to use LED display on the front panel of the inverter, which can display some parameters such as battery voltage, output current, output power, etc.

off grid inverter

General requirements: stable performance, one-key start, safe and reliable control to ensure long service life.

Three, off-grid inverter power selection:

If we want to choose an off-grid inverter, we must understand the impact capacity of the electrical at the moment of start-up. The impact is also only inductive or capacitive negative electrical.

The inverter can output 2 times the nominal power in an instant, and the capacitive or inductive load needs 3 to 7 times the peak power in an instant. For example: 1000W air conditioner, the peak value is 7000W, the inverter doubles the peak value, 7000 divided by 2 equals 3500W, which means that 1000W air conditioner is required, and an inverter with a power of 3500W or more can be used to start.

It is too complicated to say this. Below we list the inverter power to be equipped with our commonly used appliances:

1. For purely resistive household electrical appliances such as heating wires, light bulbs, and solar lamps, divide its power by 0.9.

2. Take the LCD as an example for the TV, as long as the inverter is 2 times larger than the power of the TV target.

电脑 3. Computer, select the LCD TV point plus 90W power (computer power);

4. For air conditioners, non-frequency conversion is calculated based on 7 times the peak value, and frequency conversion is calculated based on 4 times the peak value.

5. For some low-power electrical appliances in the home, it can be ignored.

Common home reasonable battery inverter configuration:


1. For home Internet, TV computer, lighting, please match inverter with 500W or more and 100AH ​​battery, use time, 4 hours.

2. Freezer, please match inverter with 1500W or more and 150AH battery. 8 hours of use.

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