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solar inverter system manufacturer
Foshan SNAT Energy Electrical Technology Co. Ltd., is established in 2004. As a world’s leading supplier for solutions for electric energy and new energy. As a specialized solar inverter system manufacturer, SNAT has powerful strength and is engaged in both electric energy and new energy.
Our main kinds of products including inverters, UPS, solar controllers, solar power inverters and batteries, especially the solar inverter system made by our factory, which are widely used in the electric power market, the infrastructure market and the industrial market. Since its establishment, SNAT has been being a pioneer in the world’s new energy field.
As a global  manufacturer of solar inverter system, the global sales volume of SNAT amounted to US $30 million in 2017. In China, there are 600 employees, 3 factories, 30 customer service centers, more than 50 points of sale, 7 subsidiaries, 5 regional offices, 1 new energy power supply R&D center, 1 new energy battery R&D centers, more than 30 agents, and a nationwide sales network.
Inverters, UPS, solar controllers, solar batteries and solar inverter systems of SNAT factory are exported to developing countries in Africa, Asia and South Africa, bringing positive economical, environmental and social changes for these countries.
solar power inverter factory
With the SNAT’s solar inverter system supporting products continue to be widely used in families in developing countries, we have deeply recognized the significance of green solutions. So in our operation, products and service, carried out a ‘Green World’ strategy. SNAT hopes to promote energy saving and environmental protection of the whole society through its own energy conservation and emission reduction. SNAT makes continuous innovations in compliant with the needs of customers and cooperates with partners. Its two R&D centers have been devoting itself to the hardware and software research and development of inverters(grid-connected or off-grid), new energy batteries, solar controllers, solar power inverter, UPS for the world market and specialized in technical innovation of the industry, in a bid to turn advanced technologies into the competition advantages and commercial advantages of customers.
The products of SNAT can meet the needs of customers in different industries and fields. It is a pursuit of the whole staff of SNAT(China)to provide customers with safe, reliable, stable intelligent,efficient and environment-friendly power supplies.
Our philosophy is “Customer first,continuous innovation and development with good faith“.
Meet the needs of customers and serving customers are our work direction and value evaluation standard.
Sincerity is the basis for usto keep our promises, and good faith is our most important intangible asset. We win customers with good faith.
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